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5 Ways to Restyle Rented Apartments in Dubai

Restyle rented apartments in Dubai without disappointing your landlord, and without going hard on your finances.

Dubai is expanding – so is its population share of expats. And to sustain the influx, a number of residential communities are evolving. With most of them being built specifically for rentals, the choices available for personalising your rented apartments may seem slim or near non-existent. However, there are indeed a number of ways you can restyle rented apartments in Dubai – without spending all your money and without disappointing your landlord. A well-designed interior motivates us, inspires us, and moreover, increases our confidence when our interior designing skills are appreciated by our guests. Being a tenant doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to forego customising your rented property to reflect your unique personality. And that’s why we have collated some easy and reversible ways you can restyle your home in Dubai – even if it is rented.

1. Make the wall your canvas

Wall interiors of a rented apartment
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Most rentals in Dubai have white walls. Although your landlord might not allow you to paint the entire apartment, you can always get creative with colours and decorations. Try painting just one wall with a bold colour, which makes a strong statement. Or use some beautiful easy-to-remove wallpapers and backsplashes. Still worried that you might do “too much” to your rented apartment? Sticking cute and simple wall stickers are yet another creative way to make your walls look more appealing. It is easier to remove and less expensive than wallpapers spread across the entire wall. Remember to change the wall back to the original form when you leave.

2. Try some magic with glass and mirror

Mirror and glass interior
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

If you feel that your rental apartment is not spacious enough, you can trick your eyes to add more space using mirrors and glasses. Mirrors bounce light off around the room, making it look brighter, larger, and wider. Apart from creating an airy ambience, mirrors also serve practical purposes. They are the perfect picks to create a focal point in a room. Similarly, you can use glasses as well. Since they are transparent, they make your room appear spacious and add style and sophistication. You can either buy new glassware or reuse old jars. There are many thrift stores in and around Dubai where you can buy different types of mirrors as well. Get creative and craft optical illusions with glasses and mirrors.

3. Don’t forget your floors

flooring interior
Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Just like the wall, the floor is another canvas for you to create spectacular living spaces. Add colour, leave empty floor spaces, and get creative with textures. Jute rugs are gaining popularity these days among interior designers – these are easier to remove than self-adhesive tiles and stickers and are less expensive. They can also be carried with you when you move to a new apartment in Dubai. Try using large rugs and runners that cover a significant portion of the floor. This will create a sense of space. Meanwhile, don’t forget about your washroom. Try out waterproof floor mats with beautiful patterns. Whatever you do, leave some floor space empty to enhance the beauty of large rugs and tiles.

4. Light up your life

Lights interior design
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Lighting is an integral part of interior designing as its tone and shade can directly affect the feel of space. Although most rental apartments in Dubai have pre-fitted lightings, it is, in fact, easy to replace bulbs with your choice (remember to restore the original settings when you move). You can also add table lamps or replace boring shades with colourful and vibrant shades with creative patterns. Add some cute candles to bring about a romantic ambience. That being said, make sure that you don’t get so creative with fire that it turns the smoke and fire alarm on. Experiment with various heights and bulb strengths for altering the overall ambience of your rented apartment in Dubai.

5. Fall in love with green

plants inteiror design
Image by Milada Vigerova from Pixabay

What is more attractive than lifeless lamps and wall hangs – however sparkling and colourful they are – is a living plant. Apart from purifying the air that you breathe, indoor plants make your rented apartment feel warm and homely. The sight of fresh flowers decorated in a glass vase is a sight to wake up to. You can also create a tiny kitchen garden and grow your herbs. But you think it will be messy to water and prune them from time to time? You can also try artificial plants and flowers. They are appealing and easier to maintain. Bring space to life by incorporating plants and flowers in your rented apartment in Dubai.

All set to restyle rented apartments in Dubai

Just because it is not your home forever, it doesn’t mean that you will have to adjust to what the apartment has to offer. There would certainly be restrictions laid on your rental agreement by your landlord. But there would certainly be several opportunities to infuse your personal touch and bring out your creative style to customise your rented apartment.

All that being said, luxury developers in Dubai are coming up with stylish and glamourous apartments that are so opulent and sleek that you wouldn’t want to restyle them anyway. For instance, Grand Bleu Tower – Interiors by Elie Saab by Emaar Properties, located at Emaar Beachfront, is in itself a masterpiece. Check out some off-plan properties here.

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