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5 Ways to Increase Home Value for Sale

To increase home value is to better your chances of closing a fantastic deal at a time when property investors are looking for new opportunities in Dubai. If you are planning to sell your property, here are 5 ways you can improve your home and increase its value in the market. The number of secondary property […]

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Villas in Dubai Hills Estate Witness Faster Financial Recovery

Maple and Sidra villas in Dubai Hills Estate are showing signs of faster financial recovery than all other areas in Dubai. Find out why these communities are in such high demand now. Over the past couple of months, the enquiries on Maple and Sidra villas in Dubai Hills Estate have been increasing. They are high […]

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Exploring the Richest Neighbourhoods in Dubai to Rent

Explore some of the richest neighbourhoods in Dubai where the wealthy from around the world rent and own. Moreover, these marvellous dwelling places are ornated with opulence and luxury. What once used to be a small fishing port is not one of the most visited global destinations. Dubai, a land of riches and flamboyance, is […]

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The Best Camping Sites in Dubai and Around

Get your 4x4s and off-road cars ready and pack up your sleeping bags and camping gear as we explore the best camping sites in Dubai and around. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Dubai would be luxury. Five-star hotels and luxurious resorts with glittering nightlife do not alone define […]

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How Dubai’s Property Rental Market Is Changing

Dubai’s property rental market has continued to see a fall in prices since 2014. This is mainly due to the ongoing expansion of the emirate and its communities into the outlying areas of the city while the efforts to develop the urban areas continue. For instance, in 2014, the average annual rental price for a […]

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The Ultimate Yas Island Area Guide for Property Investment

This all-inclusive Yas Island area guide will help you in your property search by giving you a comprehensive idea of the island in Abu Dhabi. The details will help you make informed decisions on real estate investments in Abu Dhabi. State-of-the-art leisure and entertainment activities, tons of experiences to discover, and a haven for tourists […]

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Houza Fills a Gap in the Property Market to Give UAE Agents More Choice

A consortium of premier real estate companies has joined forces to create a new property portal, houza.com, as the market bounces back from a testing six months. houza – the UAE’s new home for buying, selling and renting property – has brought together a strong collective of brokerages in an unlikely alliance. The project will […]

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Moving House? Here’s How You Can Make it Stress-Free

Ann Susan Paul | 22 October 2020 Although the prospect of moving house is exciting, not many people are fans of the time-daunting process of shifting everything to a new and unfamiliar place. However, careful planning can certainly help you make the experience smooth and fun-filled. If you have ever moved to a new house, […]

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Real Estate Market Trends in 2020

Nima Safa | 4 November 2020 Covid-19 has significantly influenced real estate market trends all over the world. In Dubai, the market has witnessed a shift in demand for larger homes and more private spaces. Our off-plan specialist Nima Safa writes about the most important trends he has noticed in Dubai’s real estate sector. Dubai […]

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Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in the World

Ann Susan Paul | 10 November 2020 With many superyacht marinas coming up in major cities around the world, choosing the right cruising destination can seem quite a challenge in itself. So, we have curated a list of the best marinas around the globe where you can moor your yachts. With harbours around the world […]

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Popular Freehold Areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Overseas Investors

Ann Susan Paul | 24 November 2020 Freehold areas are those designated investment zones in the country where non-UAE nationals can own properties. The non-Emirati owners of these properties are also allowed to sell or lease them. In this article, we take you through some of the most popular freehold areas in Dubai and Abu […]

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Top Schools in UAE and the Nearest Communities to Rent

Ann Susan Paul | 18 January 2021 There are several top schools in UAE where you would want to nurture your kids’ future. In this article, we look at some of those schools across the country and popular family-friendly communities to rent near those schools. Moving to a new city is not as easy as […]

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