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Moving Houses Amid Covid-19 Restrictions

With the current pandemic situation triggering movement restrictions around the world, moving houses has experienced a sudden slowdown. You might be holding a near-expiry lease contract or you might be looking to turn muddy waters into opportunities. In either case, here is what you can do.

The UAE government is carrying out all possible steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. And it is certainly our duty to adhere to the guidelines issued by the authorities. Meanwhile, several people in Dubai are forced to look for new homes – out of necessity or for better savings. However, movement restrictions and shortage of manpower to help moving companies are still prevailing in several parts of the world. As a result, many are searching for viable solutions. That being said, there are indeed plenty of safe and secure ways to move houses amid the Covid-19 restrictions. Here is how you can move houses with ease.

1. Practice social distancing during viewings

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The first and foremost step of shifting to a new house is viewing houses. There are no restrictions currently in place for stepping out of your house for business and work-related activities. However, government authorities have made it clear that residents should practice social distancing all the time. When visiting a new building, remember that you could be a potential carrier of infection. It could be spread to the people staying inside the building. Wear a face mask and gloves, and restrain yourself from touching anything. If possible, try to move around the new house as less as possible, especially if they are occupied.

2. Communicate officially with all parties involved

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As of now, the Dubai government has lifted several restrictions. This means that tenants would not need a permit to leave their houses during the day. However, there are movement restrictions at night. Meanwhile, those planning to shift to a new house would require to plan in advance so as to avoid any complications. Ensure that you officially communicate your plan with your existing landlord, your movers and packers, and your new landlord. Check if any of the premises have placed restrictions and coordinate with all the parties involved for a smooth transition. Be sure to save a record of all communications.

3. Coordinate and plan with your packers and movers

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With house movers and packers forced to cut down employees to just 30% at work per day, many house moving companies have reported that they are taking longer than before to complete an assignment. Moreover, work hours are reduced during the month of Ramadan, which is also something to be taken into consideration while planning the move. Evaluate the number of days you would need to complete the shifting if it is going to be more than a day. Communicate and coordinate with your packers to ensure that you have all daily-use items kept for the last day of shifting.

4. Carry out all legalities and documentation on time

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From cancelling your current contract to applying for registering your new tenancy contract with Ejari, you need to coordinate with your old and new landlords, and your property management agencies to ensure that all legalities and documentation are complete on time. In most cases, utility connections and other communication registrations are carried out by the landlord or property managers. If that is not your case, ensure that all bills are paid on time and connections are cancelled or transferred, if possible, well in advance to avoid any complications during the course of moving houses. Avail digital services offered by government authorities and try to reduce your time outside your house as much as possible.

5. Clean and sanitise your old and new houses

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Leaving your house clean and sanitised should be your responsibility, especially at a time when hygiene and cleanliness are paramount in our day-to-day activities. Even if your property managers will take care of cleaning, ensure that you do your part by sanitising at least the most-used surfaces. The same applies to your new home. Your new landlord would have already cleaned the property before you set in. However, with movers and packers going around your new house, the need to sanitise again gains priority. You may also consider a deep cleaning service to sanitise your entire home to minimise the risk of infection.

Exercise Caution When Moving Houses

Considered an activity that spikes up your anxiety levels, moving houses can seem to be hectic amid the current pandemic-related restrictions in Dubai. Even if you want to move houses out of necessity, or you are just looking for better and cheaper deals, turning muddy waters into opportunities, exercising caution and carrying out the right activities at the right time makes moving houses quite an easy task. Disclaimer: We recommend that you check with Dubai Police and all authorities concerned before attempting to move houses. In any case, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines issued by health authorities to help Dubai’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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