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Picked the Wrong Real Estate Agent? Find Out What Went Wrong

If you are reading this, you’re already done with your real estate agent’s incapability to get you the best offers. We’ll tell you what went wrong. Even if you haven’t hired anyone yet, this article will help you find the best real estate agent in Dubai.

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The Dubai real estate industry is at its prime now, proving itself resilient among toughening market conditions. The industry is emerging as a sustainable investment option in the UAE. As a result, local and international investors are flocking to Dubai – the epicentre of development – to earn the best returns from real estate. Meanwhile, the number property experts and agents operating in and around Dubai has increased to such a considerable level that it is becoming tougher to find the best one that provides the best services and has the highest level of industry knowledge.

You will need a real estate agent in Dubai – be it for renting or selling your property – to guide you through the various legal and complex processes related to the Dubai government. However, who you select as your trusted real estate agent will have a huge impact on your returns.

We have collated the top mistakes that property investors in Dubai make when selecting their property agents.

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Meet many real estate agents

With so many real estate agents available in Dubai, it might be a little offsetting to select the best. So, you might tend to settle to deal with the first one you come in contact with. Maybe the agent was someone your friend recommended. Or you just called a random property contact you found online. Ensure that you meet many real estate agent (at least a few of the top-rated ones in Dubai) before finalising who you want to deal with. Understand their level of industry knowledge, background, plan of action, and service charges. Compare them, look for reviews online, and then decide.

Ensure your real estate agent is RERA-licenced

The Dubai Land Department’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is the official agency that regulates the Dubai real estate industry. Irrespective of your agent’s experience and expertise in the industry, he or she should have a RERA licence to be legally considered a real estate agent in Dubai. You can visit www.dubailand.gov.ae to find out whether the broker you are dealing with is licensed. For this, navigate to the “Search for Approved Brokers” section on the website. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to ask for the necessary credentials directly from the agents before planning to involve them in your real estate investment decisions.

Check their industry knowledge

Hiring a real estate agent who has the right industry knowledge, including an in-depth understanding of the flux in prices due to changing market conditions, has many perks when planning to invest in Dubai properties. Your agent can sell or rent you the best properties in Dubai only if he or she knows all the properties available in the market, particularly in the market you are focused on. Ensure that your real estate agent has a wide network of properties and buyers in the industry. It is better to focus on those who have been in the industry for a long time and has a strong client base.

Interview your real estate agent

Your meeting with your real estate agent should not be a casual conversation. It should be an interview and you should be the interviewer. However, ensure that you are asking highly relevant questions and that you are not in a hurry. Inquire about their sales history and experience, credibility, and commitment. And above all, pay close attention to their answers. A good real estate agent in Dubai will be able to confidently answer your questions, whichever way they are directed. If you feel they are beating around the bush or casually changing the topic to something they are confident in answering, you are at the wrong place.

Search their online presence

Everyone – small and large – is turning digital and embracing their opportunities online, which is why it’s pretty easy to research them on digital platforms. That being said, how active is your agent on online platforms? The answer is a hint to decide whether you would want to collaborate with that real estate agent for your property investment in Dubai. A strong online presence means the agent is up-to-date with the latest technological advances and knows exactly how he or she can leverage the huge potential of digital. Such agents will have comprehensive knowledge about various listing platforms and their benefits. Visit their social media profiles and websites.

Evaluate their responsiveness

Time is shrinking in this digital world. People want quality results faster. And that applies to real estate investors as well. Hence, it is critical to select a real estate agent who is responsive and credible. Select the one who puts your first when you need them. A dependable agent will have a faster turn-around time, which is also evidence of their commitment and dedication. Ensure that you don’t finalise on a property agent just by judging the first response time. Observe for a couple of days. Hire them only after you are convinced that responsiveness is a habit and not a one-time event.

Ask for references

References are a good way to ensure that you can expect what you want from the real estate agent. A confident agent who has a strong list of satisfied customers will not hesitate or try to convince you against it. Ask for written references and the contact details of some of their past clients. This way, you can get authentic reviews about the services provided by the real estate agent. The reviews will help you decide whether you would want to take the dealings further. Ask them about the agent’s conduct and commitment before and after the deal was closed. Go for the real estate agent who has been consistent even after closing the deal.

Hiring a real estate agent for property investment in Dubai is crucial because they are well aware of the legal proceedings of purchasing or renting real estate in the emirates. Having the right property agent by your side will not only ease the process but also help you get higher returns on your investments.

At D&B Properties, our RERA-licensed real estate brokers have in-depth knowledge about the industry. Our agents are specialised in the most popular communities in Dubai. Moreover, they are dedicated to providing the best value-for-money deals that suit every budget and requirement.

For expert advice and assistance on real estate investment options in Dubai, please contact us at: inquiry@dandbdubai.com or +971565203470.

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