Urban Master Plan: All You Need to Know About Dubai 2040 His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, recently announced the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. Here is everything you need to know about this ambitious plan poised to act as a catalyst for the city’s transformation into a pioneering global hub.
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Posted by admin blog on April 29, 2021
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Ann Susan Paul | 29 April 2021

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan is a “comprehensive future map for sustainable urban development in the city,” according to WAM, the country’s official news agency. Aimed at transforming Dubai into the world’s best city to live in, the plan is to improve the quality of life in the emirate. So, what does this means for the city residents and investors? Let’s find out.

Key Goals of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

The key goals underlined in the Dubai urban master plan 2040 are the following:
• Improve the quality of living for its residents
• Prepare the city for further economic developments
• Create a balance between modernity and heritage
• Solidify the city’s position as a global tourism hub
• Attract foreign investments in several sectors

the ruler of dubai signining a large map detailing the urban master plan in dubai

Credit: WAM

Development in 5 Urban Areas in Dubai

The Dubai master plan 2040 has identified five crucial areas in the emirate that will witness significant development over the next 20 years. These are the following:

Deira and Bur Dubai

Lying along the shorelines of Dubai are Deira and Bur Dubai, two of the most culturally rich destinations in the country.

Bordered by the Persian Gulf, Sharjah, and Dubai Creek, Deira was the commercial centre of Dubai in the early years. Home to Port Saeed, the neighbourhood is a cultural destination for those who want to see the old version of Dubai and its historical wonders. Meanwhile, Bur Dubai, located on the western side of Dubai Creek, is home to the Ruler’s Court and the Grand Mosque. It is also one of the most populous residential communities in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai and Business Bay

Home to the renowned Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai and Business Bay will further strengthen as the emirate’s financial hub.

Downtown Dubai is considered the most happening destination in the emirate. Packed with skyscrapers and high-end retail and dining outlets, Downtown Dubai enjoys a special place in the residents’ heart. Meanwhile, Business Bay, as the name suggests, is where the business happens. It houses the offices of some of the biggest multinational corporates in the world. You can also find some luxurious apartment complexes.

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Known for its luxurious lifestyle and glamour, Dubai Marina and JBR will see much development in the fields of tourism and entertainment.

Dubai Marina is the hot spot for tourists coming to Dubai. A residential neighbourhood used mainly by the wealthy, Dubai Marina is a mixed-use community. Also home to one of the most popular marinas in UAE, the destination offers diverse activities, including jet-skiing and skydiving. Meanwhile, JBR is a prime neighbourhood that is part of the wider Dubai Marina community. A prominent promenade in Dubai, JBR is home to some of the most luxurious homes with beach access in Dubai.

Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 site is a relatively new development situated near Al Maktoum International Airport. It positioned to be the international gateway for exhibitions and events.

A recent development in the southern side of Dubai emirate, the community around the Dubai Expo 2020 location is witnessing an expansion of residential buildings. Most importantly, a new metro link was opened to the site recently. As a result, real estate in the region is booming. Moreover, there are several superior yet affordable residential complexes and buildings coming up. The site is very close to Al Maktoum International Airport and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

A knowledge and innovation centre, Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of the most affordable residential communities in Dubai that is all set to witness further development.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free-zone industrial-cum-residential area wholly owned by the Dubai government. It promotes modern technology-based industries. Above all, it is one of the most affordable residential communities in Dubai, with new and well-maintained residential buildings and communities. Moreover, the suburb is a favourite among families who love a modern and serene neighbourhood away from the city.