Our Team

Meet the Leaders Behind Our Success

Our senior executives have built a strong portfolio across Middle East and Europe, based on decades of successful industry outcomes, exceptional leadership, and a persistent growth mindset.

Husni Al Bayari

Chairman & Founder

Adham Younis

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mania Merrikhi

Group Chief Commercial Officer

Hany Sayed

Group Chief Information Officer

Enass Abdelbaset

Senior Director of Off-Plan

Robert John Mcdowell

Senior Director of Residential Sales

Alec James Smith

Director of Sales & Leasing

Vince Nazari

Director of Sales & Leasing

Mark Diab

Director of Sales & Leasing

Dominica Kulilkova

Director of Holiday Homes

Ahmed Fdil

Director of Investments & Advisory

Monir Al Midani

Director of Exclusive Projects

Ahmed Rashwan

Director of Projects

Aksinia Zaytseva

Director – CIS Market and Turkey

Chetan Shroff

Associate Director

Esen Khodzhagldyev

Associate Director

Hussain Abbas

Associate Director

Tamer Elmaabady

Associate Director

Tariq Bayari

Asst. Team Leader

Oksana Domanska

Head of Operations Development

Yang Wenyu

Team Leader – Southeast & East Asia