01-04-2021 - Thursday - 12:32 pm

Proud citizen of the UAE

An amazing encounter

I am usually an avid cyclist. So, I was cycling one day on a pleasant evening. And as the sun went down, I was moved by a spiritual power. It made me stop along the cycling track to perform Maghrib prayer. I ran across a man and his son who looked like they were cycling in the area as well. So, I decided to join them in the prayer while wearing my mask and maintaining social distancing.

After we ended the prayers, the Emirati man and I exchanged pleasantries. He asked me where I was from. And I told him I am a Palestinian man who was born and raised in the UAE. He started praising expats in the country. He said he they are a big part of the UAE’s and Dubai’s progress over the years.

I extended my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards the UAE, a country we are proud to call home, especially having spent so many years immersed in its culture.

After prayer, the gentlemen insisted that I join him and his son on their cycling ride. However, I promised that I would join at another time as I was meeting with other friends.

The surprising revelation

A few days later, as I was going through my Instagram page, I ran across an image of the same gentlemen and discovered that he is part of Dubai’s Al Maktoum ruling family. I was humbled to have been in his presence and at how approachable the leaders of this country are unlike many countries in the world.

This story acts as a reminder of how lucky we are to be in such a great city like Dubai, where everyone is treated equally, and the leaders and royals are close to people. I can’t imagine another city for my family and me to live in for the decades to come.

Husni Al Bayari

CEO – D&B Properties

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