Downtown  Dubai  is  a  large-scale,  mixed-use  2  square  kilometer  megadevelopment  by  Emaar Properties, situated in the center of the emirate with direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road and all major landmarks within a 10-minute distance. It is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, and the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. Downtown Dubai is split  into  two  main  areas  –  Downtown  and  Old  Town.  While  Downtown  represents  the  modern  age  of  Dubai  with  towering  skyscrapers  and  luxury  amenities,  Old  Town  pays  homage to the classic low-rise vernacular Arabic style architecture.
A city within a city, the Downtown Dubai neighborhood is a hotspot for long-term investment and  housing,  including  properties  ranging  from  studios  to  4-bedroom  apartments  and  penthouses  with  breathtaking  views  of  the  cityscape.  It  combines  the  ideal  fusion  of  a  quaint way of life, urban living, and the dynamic business world. 
The strategic location of the community is bound to the south through Business Bay, and to the northeast by Financial Centre Road. Downtown Dubai is also regarded as the core heart of the New Dubai.  It is now considered one of the 5 main urban centers as outlined in Dubai’s 2040 Urban Masterplan. The Masterplan classifies Downtown Dubai along with Business Bay as the Onshore International Business Hub for economic, financial, and business activities.
Downtown  Dubai  has  19  main  developments,  including:  8  Boulevard  Walk,  29  Boulevard,  Boulevard  Central,  Burj  Views,  Boulevard  Crescent,  Boulevard  Heights,  Boulevard  Plaza,  Boulevard  Point,  Burj  Vista,  Claren,  Downtown  Views,  Emaar  Square,  Opera  Grand,  South  Ridge, Standpoint, The Lofts, The Old Town Island, The Old Town Residences, The Residences.
In this report we will present comprehensive data and market research specifically on the supply, demand, and price rates surrounding the real estate activity in Downtown as it is a completed community, to support the indication that 2022 is the prime time for investors to capitalize on the properties.
Adham Younis, Group CEO of D&B Properties, commented, "Based  on  our  data,  the  Q2  activity  within  the  Downtown  Dubai  community  in  2022  has  seen  an  86%  increase  in  real  estate  transactions,  with  over  AED  1.1  billion, as compared to the Q2 of the previous year, which saw a total of AED 640 million. Similarly, the rental prices have also experienced a spike throughout the city, with Downtown Dubai seeing a 25% increase standing at AED 1,896 per sqft in  Q2  2022,  as  compared  to  the  AED  1,520  per  sqft  in  Q2  2021.  We  expect  the  activity in this community to further pick up in Q4 2022."
Edward Millward, Group CCO of D&B Properties, said, "You could say that Downtown is the capital or center of Dubai. It's a community like no other, with one of the most iconic buildings in the world. You have the most amazing lifestyle within this community, walking around the magical boulevard, incredible 5 star hotels, amazing shopping and the spectacular fountains. Downtown Dubai truly is Emaar's kingdom. If you have a property portfolio in Dubai, then you must have a property in Downtown Dubai."

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