D&B Properties, a leading force in the real estate sector, takes great pride in unveiling its groundbreaking initiative, the 'Super Agents Club.' This exclusive club is designed to spotlight and honor outstanding brokers who have demonstrated exceptional prowess and accumulated extensive experience within the highly competitive UAE real estate market.
The Super Agents Club introduces a tiered recognition system, comprising three distinct levels – Diamond, Pearl, and Gold – each representing a pinnacle of achievement within D&B Properties. Selection for these tiers is based on a comprehensive evaluation of various characteristics, attributes, and, most notably, outstanding sales performance, with 25 top D&B Properties agents currently part of the acclaimed club.

Diamond Tier

The pinnacle of achievement, the Diamond tier is reserved for the top echelon of agents who embody excellence in every aspect. These agents, including Tamer Elmaabady, Umar Sultan, and Galina Zemlianskaia, consistently exceed expectations, showcasing exceptional characteristics such as strategic thinking, unparalleled attention to detail, and a proven ability to navigate the intricacies of the real estate industry.

Pearl Tier

A step below, the Pearl tier is reserved for agents who not only excel in their sales performance but also demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of market trends, a proactive approach to client satisfaction, and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Gold Tier

Reserved for agents who have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, commitment, and a track record of successful transactions. These individuals exhibit exceptional communication skills and a strong understanding of the market dynamics.
Adham Younis, the Group CEO of D&B Properties, emphasized the profound significance of the Super Agents Club, drawing attention to the multifaceted nature of this groundbreaking initiative. He said, “This visionary initiative transcends mere accolades; it serves as a bedrock for fostering a culture of excellence within our esteemed team. The Super Agents Club is not just a recognition; it is an embodiment of our commitment to cultivating a collective pursuit of excellence. It's a celebration of a spectacular team that excels in every facet of real estate, from deep market knowledge to strategic thinking and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.”
Mania Merrikhi, the Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of D&B Properties, expressed profound pride and admiration for the chosen agents, emphasizing the extraordinary qualities that set them apart in the highly competitive real estate industry. She remarked, “Our Super Agents have not only demonstrated unwavering dedication but have consistently exceeded expectations, standing out amidst the dynamic challenges of the real estate landscape. It goes beyond recognition; it's a celebration of their relentless pursuit of excellence. From their exceptional market knowledge to outstanding communication skills, proactive client engagement, strategic thinking, adaptability, and commitment to continuous professional development – these agents embody the epitome of excellence in every dimension of their work.”
The Super Agents Club stands as a testament to D&B Properties' commitment to nurturing exceptional talent within its team, ensuring that only the most outstanding professionals represent the brand in the dynamic and evolving real estate landscape of the UAE.

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