D&B Properties, Dubai's premier real estate agency, has launched a new department dedicated to expanding its presence in Southeast and East Asia, with a primary focus on the Chinese market. This strategic move comes as the Chinese market continues to contribute significantly to Dubai's booming real estate industry, with a massive surge in January 2023 investments alone.
  • Place: International Quality Lifestyle & Property Expo in Guangzhou
  • Date: 19 to 21 May 2023
To expand its reach and create more exposure, D&B Properties plans to participate in roadshow exhibitions in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. Chinese investors are invited to attend the upcoming roadshow in Guangzhou, which will take place from May 19th to 21st at the International Quality Lifestyle & Property Expo.
The department's Chinese team comprises marketing, research, and business development specialists who bring extensive knowledge of the local market and cultural nuances to the table. They provide bespoke real estate proposals and presentations that cater to crucial factors important to Chinese investors, such as insurance, education, cost, and ROI. By offering tailored solutions, D&B Properties aims to provide Chinese investors with a seamless and comprehensive investment experience.
Adham Younis, Group CEO of D&B Properties, said: "Dubai's real estate market offers Chinese investors a diverse range of investment opportunities. From high-end luxury properties to affordable housing, Dubai's real estate market offers attractive returns on investment. We are committed to providing Chinese investors with a comprehensive investment experience. We understand the importance of delivering tailored solutions to cater to the specific needs and requirements of our Chinese clients."
Mania Merrikhi, Group CCO of D&B Properties, stated, “Our entry into the Southeast and East Asian markets, with a primary focus on China, is a strategic move that aligns with D&B Properties' vision of becoming a global leader in the real estate industry. We have assembled a team of specialists who understand the local market and cultural nuances, which allows us to provide bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements of Chinese investors. By participating in roadshows and exhibitions, we aim to expand our reach and provide investors with a seamless investment experience”. 
Dubai's real estate market is one of the most vibrant and dynamic in the world, with a range of investment opportunities that cater to different investment profiles. The city offers a favorable tax environment, political stability, and a robust legal system that protects investors' rights. Furthermore, Dubai's strategic location makes it an attractive investment destination for investors looking to tap into the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia markets.
D&B Properties' expansion into Southeast and East Asia demonstrates its commitment to providing global investors with access to Dubai's thriving real estate market. By offering tailored solutions and expert advice, D&B Properties aims to establish itself as a leading real estate agency in Dubai and capture a significant share of the Chinese market.
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