D&B Properties hosted an in-house Women's Day panel on 4 March 2022 ahead of the internationally celebrated women's day to hold an open discussion on the challenges and triumphs of working in Dubai's many thriving industries as a woman.

Entitled 'I Am Woman', the panel comprised of some of Dubai's most leading women in business: Chafiah Al Jaziri, attorney & partner at Ja'afar Alwan Al Jaziri, and Associates Advocates and Legal Consultants; Sarah Seklani, founder & owner of Laila's Candy Cart; Noor Al Geziry, chairperson at Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy; and Surayya Abdulla, associate director at D&B Properties.


Moderated by renowned choreographer, fashion stylist, and creative director Joyce El Amil, the panel discussion began with a telling of each panelist's entry into their career and how they navigated their individual industries - from legal, to real estate, to consultancy, to catering and events.

 The panel concluded with a set of questions from the audience that were posed to members of the panel. One of the key takeaways from the panel discussion as well as the Q&A session was the recognition of the silent, extra pressure placed on daughters, mothers, wives, and working women to prove their skills and value, and that girls and women should not be afraid to claim their place and voice in the classroom, in the workplace, in society, or in the world.

Women currently dominate 45% of the workforce at D&B Properties.


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