Dubai Land Department implements name changes for 28 neighborhoods and regions across the city.
In a noteworthy development that has garnered attention from local media sources, the Dubai Land Department has recently undertaken a strategic initiative to redefine the nomenclature of several prominent neighborhoods within the city.
This comprehensive effort is reflective of the dynamic urban landscape's evolution, signaling a deliberate move towards enhancing the identity and character of key areas across Dubai. As part of this initiative, the department has meticulously crafted and implemented changes to the names of numerous well-known neighborhoods, aligning them with contemporary trends and perhaps reflecting broader shifts in the city's cultural and developmental narrative.
This proactive approach by the Dubai Land Department underscores its commitment to staying attuned to the evolving needs and aspirations of the city's residents and investors, as well as contributing to the ongoing enhancement and modernization of Dubai's urban fabric.
In a transformative shift of considerable magnitude, renowned districts including the illustrious Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali Village, and Emirates Hills First have experienced a notable rebranding initiative. The Dubai Land Department has meticulously orchestrated this endeavor, endowing each of these iconic locales with fresh, distinctive identities. This strategic undertaking reflects the department's commitment to revitalizing and modernizing key areas, further contributing to the dynamic evolution and sophistication of Dubai's urban landscape.
Among the array of noteworthy changes, the reimagining of familiar locales continues, with Motor City seamlessly adopting the fresh identity of Al Hebiah First. In a similar vein, the esteemed Jebel Ali Village has been gracefully transformed into Jebel Ali First, echoing a refined essence. Notably, Sport City now bears the appellation of Al Hebiah Fourth, signifying a comprehensive shift in the nomenclature landscape orchestrated by the Dubai Land Department.
Area Code Old Name        New Name
284 Al Khawaneej Third                Al Ttay
384 Al Medhmar                AL ThanyahSecond
321 Al Mina                                                Madinat Dubai Al Melaheyah
383 Al Safouh                Third Al Thanyah First
312 Al Suq Al Kabeer (Dubai)        Al Souq Al Kabeer
531 Dubai Industrial City First        Saih Shuaib 2
532 Dubai Industrial City Second        Saih Shuaib 3
533 Dubai Industrial City Third        Saih Shuaib 4
393 Emirates Hills First                Al Thanyah Fifth
388 Emirates Hills Second        Al Thanyah Third
394 Emirates Hills Third        Al Thanyah Fourth
412 Festival City Second        Al Kheeran
683 Golf City                        Al Hebiah Fifth
599 Jabal Ali Industrial                Jabal Ali Industrial First
591 Jebel Ali Village                Jabal Ali First
681 Jumairah Village First        Al Barsha South Fourth
684 Jumairah Village Second        Al Barsha South Fifth
674 Motor City                Al Hebiah First
664 Ranches                Wadi Al Asafa 6
345 Sheikh Zayed Road        Burj Khalifa
682 Sport City                Al Hebiah Fourth
675 Sport City First                Al Hebiah Second
911 UM NAHED 1        Madinat Hind 1
912 UM NAHED 2        Madinat Hind 2
913 UM NAHED 3        Madinat Hind 3
914 UM NAHED 4, Al Yufrah 2, Al Yufrah 3 Madinat Hind 4
340 Al Goze Second        Ghadeer Al Tair
513 Esalal                Madinat Latifa

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