Evolutions, a real estate intelligence hub in Dubai, proudly announces a strategic alliance with Aremas Group, a leading force in the Turkish real estate arena. This groundbreaking partnership marks a visionary union set to introduce Evolutions' unparalleled exclusive projects to the refined market of Turkey, creating waves in the global real estate scene.
The strategic partnership leverages Evolutions' expertise in creating incomparable projects, seamlessly merging with Aremas Group's stronghold in the Turkish real estate arena. As part of this collaboration, Aremas will exclusively represent and sell Evolutions' meticulously crafted projects in Turkey, further enhancing their presence in the local market.
By uniting these two industry leaders, the collaboration promises an infusion of creativity, knowledge, and excellence, setting a new standard for luxury living in Turkey and beyond. It is a dynamic synergy designed to unlock a myriad of benefits, not only for the collaborating entities but, most importantly, for the discerning clientele and the broader real estate market.
DPA, a subsidiary under the esteemed Aremas Group, stands as a comprehensive real estate entity offering integrated services encompassing Investment Advisory, Legal Consultancy, Property Development and Management, to After-Sale Services. This partnership represents a commitment to delivering a holistic experience for clients, from the initial stages of investment decision-making to the post-sale satisfaction, solidifying their positions as industry leaders in the Turkish real estate market. As these two entities bring their strengths together, the result is a powerful synergy that promises unparalleled benefits for investors and clients alike.
The collaborative efforts promise a dynamic and innovative future for the real estate sector, offering a host of benefits that extend beyond the confines of traditional partnerships. As Evolutions and Aremas Group embark on this transformative journey, the real winners are the clients who will experience a new era of sophistication, excellence, and unparalleled living.

About Evolutions

Evolutions is a real estate intelligence hub headquartered in Dubai, combining a concept store of a curated collection of exquisite projects, comprehensive 360-degree consultancy, and a global network of industry experts, all converging to spark a transformative wave in the real estate development sector. Evolutions consistently sets the gold standard for delivering efficiency and seamlessness, backed by a seasoned cadre of industry professionals and an expansive array of all-encompassing services.
For inquiries, please visit: www.evolutions.ae.

About Aremas

A pinnacle of luxury in Turkish real estate since 2010. From opulent residential projects to global property sales, Aremas redefines prestige. Aremas Group goes beyond the traditional realms of real estate. They are architects of experiences, curators of luxury, and custodians of impeccable standards. Their commitment extends to every detail, from developing and implementing avant-garde marketing strategies to orchestrating sophisticated advertising campaigns and managing public relations with finesse. Aremas works on shaping a world where luxury knows no bounds in the heart of Turkey.
For inquiries, please visit: https://aremas.net/en/

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