It is no secret that real estate agents are among some of the most competitive people within the sales field. As a population, they have built a reputation for being tremendously charming, and relentless in their pursuit of finding the right home for the right client.
Aside from being confident and a good communicator, we have gathered the top four essential skills that real estate agents in Dubai would benefit from mastering.
  1. Establish Trust

Renting or buying a property is a major life decision that impacts a person’s future finances, commute, lifestyle, and even comfort. As such, it is important that a client trusts you to advise them in making the right choice. You can build a foundation of trust by demonstrating subject matter expertise and honesty – what sets apart a great agent from a good agent is in your knowledge of the unit you are viewing. Make sure you are aware of all the nooks and crooks of the property and prepared to answer any of the client’s questions with confidence. Even more, demonstrating you have the client’s best interests at heart by admitting to the weak points of the property will endear them to you.

  1. Create Value; Don’t Sell

Clients are not dull-witted; they know when they are being sold to. The difference between creating value and selling a property is in the approach. When you sell, the client gains a new house. When you create value, the client gains a home, a story, an attachment. Sharpen your storytelling skills to successfully create an image, a future within a client’s mind, visualizing for them the life they could have in that particular unit.

  1. Personalize Interactions

Sometimes a service is just a service; the client wants everything streamlined and finalized at the earliest. However, most people are not immune to having meaningful, emphatic interactions. In an industry where your greatest asset is your reputation, personalizing your client interactions by asking about their families, backgrounds, interests, and occasionally cracking a joke will benefit you in the long run. An emphatic communication will create a bigger impact on the client’s experience and they are more likely recommend you to their friends and family.

  1. Uphold a Public Presence

The fact of the matter is: in today’s digital world curiosity draws people to research you before they hire your services. Creating and upholding a positive, productive reputation within the industry will not only attract more leads, but also encourage improved retention of those leads. Having a consistent and professional public profile on social media platforms, as well as increased networking at social and work events is the recipe to success within the Dubai real estate industry.

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