Creating and fostering an environment that promotes productivity and retains happy employees over the years is something that every business strives to attain.

Did you know that a Gallup study shows only 15% of employees feel engaged in their workplace, which points to a motivational crisis for the global workforce.

However, with so much uncertainty, it is crucial for companies to navigate how to motivate their employees effectively.

Before we get started into what are the most recent findings as to how to do this in 2022, let’s take a look at some points of what NOT to do.

A lack of structure

Employees are informed through systems and processes as to who is responsible for what tasks, who reports to whom and how responsibilities are to be completed.

Stress levels will undoubtedly rise if your employees must navigate numerous tiers of complexity because the system (or lack of a system) is confusing and not structured. 


Although micromanaging may produce quick results, it has long-term detrimental effects on your employees and organization overall. Your own productivity is affected and you are unable to complete crucial tasks because as a manager, you are too focused on overseeing every little detail of everyone else's work. 

The employee is not only frustrated by the close supervision and meddling with their work, but it also makes them feel unconfident and prevents them from developing.

Things that employees are motivated by

Although every workplace is different and each human’s expectations of positive reinforcement will vary, here are some of the top ways to keep your staff happy and motivated to work.

A positive work environment

Employees become affected negatively in toxic workplaces. On the other hand, creating and maintaining a positive environment will raise morale and encourage attendance.

Good salary

Job security is a large umbrella that has various facets of importance underneath it. It is almost a given that a respectful salary provides an employee with the security they require and financial ability to take care of themselves and/or their families.

Ability to grow in their career

A highly motivated employee will naturally want to grow their skills and advance within their career. A position that is limiting and does not give them space for excelling further is extremely disheartening to someone as they are left thinking, well what’s the point?

Freedom & flexibility

As stated in the above section on what NOT to do, it is evident that some level of free decision making brings fulfilment and trust. This can be applied to various aspects of a job, whether it be taking a leadership role on a project, given them the choice within a decision or other ways such as hybrid working styles.

As per a study by Boston College:

70% of managers and 87% of employees reported that working a flexible arrangement had a positive or very positive impact on productivity. 65% of managers and 87% of employees reported that working a flexible arrangement had a positive or very positive impact on quality of work.

Recognition & Incentives

Although monetary rewards are always appreciated, sometimes a simple “well done!” can go a long way. It's critical to acknowledge good work when it is performed by an individual. Any person can benefit from appreciation, although it is generally overlooked. According to research, those who are acknowledged and rewarded for their work are often happier and more receptive to criticism (Manah Wellness, 2021).

Complimenting this is gifting awards. Whether it’s a celebratory lunch, certificate or special prize, the concept of knowing you are working towards something tangible is always motivating.


Employee happiness and morale is significantly influenced by employee motivation. Therefore, when workers are motivated, they frequently produce more work, continue to work with a company for a greater period of time and contribute to its expansion.

Making sure your staff feel valued and appreciated for the work they do every day will ultimately raise motivation the most.

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